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    High-Speed Collision Safety Compartment
    Mounting System Arrangement
    Engineering Design Details

    Stretch-A-Way Mounting Pad
    Break-A-Way Mounting Strap
    Extend-A-Way Tether Mount

      Molding Drawings
      Fabrication Drawings
      Assembly Drawings

        These Detail Drawings of this High-Speed Collision Separable Tethered Mounting Arrangement also include an Example of a Sedan Safety Cage that will Accelerate Modular Engineering from Concept to Customer Delivery with Reduced Costs and Increased Occupant Safety

Mounting Arrangement Components

Tether Assembly

As shown in the above clip from the 3D Models is the Engineering Simplicity of this Transportation Vehicle Occupant Safety Cage Mounting Arrangement's Design.

In the clip on the left is my simply elegant solution of the Tether Mount Assembly. As you can see I use a Rubber Disk for the Clutch. It is 60-65A Durometer Polymer and is Compressed to a Set Distance by the Length of the Shoulder Bolt. That in Turn gets Locked Into Position by the Three Recessed Edges of the Mounting Bracket. This then allows for High-Resistance at the Initial Moments of Impact and as the Rubber Degrades, allows for Decreasing Resistance as the Collision Event Continues and the Compartment is Slowing.

The Clutch Resistance can be Further Adjusted by changes to Composite of the Pad as well even adding opposing Concentric Ribs into the mating surface of the Cable Spool.

Also shown is the Mount for the Tether Cable. When the Set Length of Cable has been Reached, the Cable's Loop Connector is Bent in the opening of the Cable Mount Yoke creating a simple yet very effective Cable Retainer.

Stretch-A-Way Mounting Pad Molding Drawing

DEVCO Stretch-A-Way

Break-A-Way Mounting Strap Molding Drawing

DEVCO Break-A-Way

Extend-A-Way Tether Mount Fabrication Drawing

DEVCO Extend-A-Way

Safety Cage & Cradle Frame Design Details

DEVCO Tether-A-Way

DEVCO Tether-A-Way Assembly

As shown above and below in the Design & Assembly Drawings are the Separable Safety Cage & Frame Cradle with Alternate Front & Rear Frame Assemblies that can easily be Assembled with Engine and Suspension Components and as with even Electric Vehicles will only Require Low-Voltage Electrical Plug-In to the Safety Cage Assembly to be Completely Functional with No Fluids and No Mechanical Linkages for the Safest Instantaneous High-Speed Collision Occupant Safety Cage Separation to Reduce Passenger Compartment Intrusions and Lower Bodily G-Force Impacts.

It should be obvious to one of like skills in any industry just how Easy it is to Design With Modular Selections. Besides what Designer wouldn't like to pick from a Combination of Engineering Approved Modules and basically just use the stretch command to come up with such a wide range of New Vehicle Models.

Modular Vehicle Models

Tether-A-Way Mounted Sedan


All the Collision Engineers and Medical Experts Agree that the Key to High-Speed Collision Survivability is to Increase the Duration of the Collision that will Lower G-Force on the Occupants and to Keep The Occupant Compartment Intact with Minimized Compartment Intrusions...

DEVCO Collision Safety Cage

We hope this simplified Engineering Demonstration of this Automotive Safety Feature Mounting Arrangement will help to Expedite the Development of this High-Speed Collision Tether-A-Way Occupant Safety Cage for all our Friends' and Families' Safety When Traveling In Our Vehicles.

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